What is TechBikers

TechBikers was launched in 2012 by a group of tech and start-up enthusiasts in London. Our goal is to combine networking with a good cause.  In 2013 we organized a ride from Prague to Berlin for the German and Czech start-up scene and thereby raised money for dotHIV.

Mmm Lycra

The ride was a great success. You can read our recap of the tour to get a feeling for what you missed.

But don’t worry, the 2014 ride from Copenhagen to Berlin is open coming up! It is longer than any ride we have attempted so far, but that will make the achievement so much greater!

Register now for the Copenhagen → Berlin ride!

About the team

You are probably wondering who we are, and why we are doing this. The simple answer: we’re a group of people from all over Germany, with a passion for startups and the desire to do good. Oh, and we also like cycling. If you’re interested, we also have a more long-winded answer.